Seven Tribe Playground

Serving children ages 2 to 5 in mixed-age classes, Seven Tribe Playground is a nature-based play school (an alternative preschool program) in York, PA committed to spirited learning, imagination, and growth. Our program is child-centered and child-led.


Kids are capable, creative, curious, full of potential, and worthy of respect. They need 'Yes' spaces in which to play freely and feel valued, because it's through play that true learning takes place. 


Much of our day is spent outside in nature. We have lots of open-ended materials that encourage exploration, creativity, and discovery.  Our indoor classrooms are inspired by nature and promote a sense of peace.


Our approach is holistic; we believe that developing social skills, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness is just as important as the ABC's and 123's. Our classes also include Spanish, music, art, and yoga.

Located in York, PA


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