I am a young living distributor. I teach classes on how to have a chemical and toxin free lifestyle. I teach on what are essential oils, purity, how to use them, what they are used for and how you too can get these amazing plant based goodness in your lives.

Alexis Lang

Young Living Distributor



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Created from above formulated with love, our plant based personal care products enrich your body, resonate with your soul and give you peace of mind. FREE of over 400 man made synthetic chemicals our personal care products are Natural & Nourishing. TribalMama.com is committed to encouraging an abundant life. Our practice of intentional living is spirited and health is a priority. We wholeheartedly believe that man is wonderfully made and our appreciation for creation can be found at the core of our products. This is why we select only the most beneficial ingredients and purposed materials for all our hand made curiosities. Each product is one that our own tribe uses and stands firmly behind.



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Zilis UltraCell is an organic, water soluble, 0.0% THC, full spectrum hemp CBD. Full spectrum hemp CBD can help with pain, headaches, anxiety, addictions, mood, sleep regulation and so much more. UltraCell is the delivery system, created by Dr. Derrick DeSilva, tested at the Mayo Clinic of Research with clinical results reporting up to 94% absorption with rapid onset within 15 minutes. This amount of absorption is unheard of with other hemp CBD options which test at 3 – 6% average absorption. Our full spectrum hemp is USDA organic, grown in Colorado and processed utilizing CO2 extraction in the USA. We offer certificate of analysis from 3rd party testing reporting ZERO impurities, toxins and 0.0 THC. Each bottle includes a QR code which verifies the THC level of each batch with certificate of analysis. CBD is legal in all 50 states – no need for a medical card to purchase. UltraCell is offered in two full spectrum hemp formulas - sublingual liquid drops (your choice of lemon or berry) and an aloe-based topical with 20+ essential oils. The sublingual form works from the inside-out while the topical works on the outside-in. When taken together, the liquid and topical are a dynamic duo.


We offer weekly CBD Socials via webinar and live (Lancaster, PA - Rockvale Outlet) to discuss our body systems, the science supporting CBD and why UltraCell works so well for so many. FREE Samples are available and we offer a 7-day challenge which gives you the opportunity to try the product. UltraCell might just change your life. But don't take my word for it - try it for yourself.

Heather Lu - Zilis Ambassador

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As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I believe in the power of these Certified Pure Therapeutic Pure Grade essential oils extracted from nature itself to bring ALL OF US the benefits of natural health! doTERRA oils are pure and sourced globally, grown in the best soil and land that the particular plant is indigenous to and distilled and tested under rigorous methods.


Oils can be used topically, aromatically and some internally depending on our needs and preferences. There are SO many uses and I would LOVE to help YOU and your loved ones identify what is right for YOU!


There are many ways to save including yearly wholesale memberships and if you are looking to build your OWN small business, I invite you to explore joining our TEAM as a Wellness Advocate too! You do NOT have to be in my immediate local area. I also offer free samples, consults and iTOVi scans to get you started in your journey along with hosting rewards for holding an educational class/gathering and extra perks for qualifying enrollments! Please give me a call and/or visit my doTERRA site to browse and get started. You won't know how they can change your life until you try!

doTERRA Welness Advocate

Chambersburg, PA





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As a local doTERRA representative, we offer life changing, natural solutions that equip and empower families to care for themselves, enabling you to take control of your health & well-being using essential oils and other wellness and spa products.

Healthier U with Essential Oils


2730 High Street, Mechanicsburg Pa 17055


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I am a founding representative for Magnetude Jewelry. We offer interchangeable bio-magnetic jewelry. What makes our jewelry different is that we use the strongest healthy rare earth neodymium magnets to attach our ‘tudes’. These magnets help to protect us from EMF’s (electro magnetic frequencies) that are emitted all around us. Our jewelry also has embedded bio-energetic elements that we call energy balls. They help blood flow, to help us heal, and to help us overall feel good!! 


Holly Bitler

Magnetude Founding Representative

Magnetude Jewelry





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TensorRing.Com is committed to producing products for affecting pain relief, both emotional and physical, and transforming harmful EMF radiation into a benevolent, not harmful, energy. Products forthcoming will be beneficial for environmental clearing and cleansing. These products are made of copper, one item at a time, and produced with the utmost care and intention for the very highest good of all, with thoughtful loving intention from the maker.


Marlin Peters


28 Buffalo Creek Road,

Duncannon, PA 17020



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