Stacey Duckworth is a practicing Holistic Wellness coach.  She is a Certified, Expert Level, Life Coach, Integrative Health Coach, Certified Life Change Coach and Wellness Specialist,  and the president of CHI, the Community for Holistic Integration of Central PA.  CHI strives to provide programs and support to local businesses by bringing them together and incorporating Holistic practices and educating the public on various Holistic offerings.  She is very passionate about Holistic Health and Wellness and looks forward to assisting individuals and local businesses to unite and flourish with the common ideal of individual and community wellness.

Holistic Transformations Wellness

Stacey Duckworth


Nicole is an E-RYT 500 hour yoga teacher and a YACEP 500.  She holds a BS in Natural Health and Healing and is a Priest in the order of Melchizedek.  She is currently in training to be a yoga therapist and has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old.  Nicole has always been called to serve.  She loves to work with people to offer a better way of living for themselves and a healthier way to relate to the world around them.  An avid practitioner of yoga and a voracious appetite for esoteric wisdom has lead her on the path of a yoga teacher, reverend and wellness coach.   Offering yoga, spiritual counseling, natural health and healing, and soon yoga therapy, Nicole only wishes to assist you on your own healing journey.  Wake up the healer within and Unite your mind, body and soul through yoga and ritual and life style changes.

Life Thrive Yoga

Nicole Montanarelli


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Emily brings passion, compassion, and personal experience to her Holistic Wellness Services. Emily went through her own health journey with digestive imbalance and development of autoimmunity over 7+ years and has made it her mission to educate and help others with chronic illness so that they do not have to go through the years of struggle that she did trying to seek adequate help.


Specializes in: Inflammation, Digestive Imbalance, Autoimmunity, Hormonal balance, Working with Kids and Families, Neurological health, and Speech-Language Disorders. Emily offers Initial Wellness Consults, Mini coaching sessions (to experience the power of coaching!), and ongoing wellness packages both at her coaching office at Minerva Mills Building in Carlisle, PA as well as remote services (via phone, Zoom, and Skype) so that she can help people no matter where they are located! Emily provides a system, accountability, and ongoing support to help her clients achieve the wellness results they have been seeking (may have been seeking for long time!).


Don't struggle by yourself. Please contact Emily if you'd like more details about her services and to book an Initial Upgrade Your Life Wellness Consult!

Upgrade Your Life Health Coaching

Emily Katzaman, MS, CCC-SLP, CHHC

Holistic Speech-Language Pathologist & Certified Holistic Health Coach/Wellness Strategist


In-Person coaching offered in Minerva Mills: 401 E. Louther St, Suite 105 Carlisle, PA

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What if you could make more of the possibilities real in your life that you were most passionate about? Or starting with the ones that would improve your life most?   Pattie is a speaker, teacher, and consultant who guides people in three 'possibility' areas that matter most -- their health, wealth, and personal power.  When you feel well, you do well.  When you are financially free, you give exponentially and joyously more.  When you fully own your power as a human being, you live who you really are.   Using contemporary tools such as Human Design, Positive Prime, EFT, and Smart Nutrition, I help you move the needle, one area at a time, to make your best possibilities real.  I invite you to an exploratory, complimentary session.

Pattie Craumer

Making Possibilities Real


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Dr. Angela is a doctor of chiropractic medicine in York, a published author and a coach offering impactful coaching to transform mindsets and transform lives.

ShatterBox Coaching


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Rebecca is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Educator, who is combining her degree in Psychology and so far two different health coaching certifications (one specializing in women's health) to bring support, accountability and overall kindness & comfort to her clients as she guides them to reach their current health goals. She views health and wellness from a holistic perspective, looking at a person as a whole, not just the sum of our body parts. She is an advocate for incorporating the healing powers of nature into our daily lives along with nutrient dense whole foods, avoiding toxic, hidden ingredients on our food labels, transitioning to natural, non-toxic products, using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other holistic methodologies in our self-care routines. She offers group or individual Whole Foods 5-Day Detox programs, one-on-one health coaching (which does not have to be in person), healthy grocery food tour, pantry "cleanouts" and wellness workshops. She is also currently enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy's certification program that will enable her to work more directly with Functional Medicine Practitioners and/or incorporate those valuable tools that help identify the root cause of a condition and utilizes positive psychology principles into her health coaching practice. She wants to empower her clients to step up for themselves and be their own best health advocate and live their most fulfilling lives, mind, body and spirit. She would be so happy to make your acquaintance and is proud to be a member of CHI! Her motto is: "I will meet you where YOU are. Let’s walk TOGETHER on YOUR journey!"

Nature & Nourish Wellness


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As a Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Director, Erin has devoted her life to finding ways to help people thrive.

Erin is a system thinker. She enjoys looking at the big picture and finding ways to add harmony and ease to the system. Whether that system is the human body, the family, the community or a business, Erin can help you to recognize patterns and find skillful strategies to change the patterns to create a more harmonious system.

Erin completed her bachelor's in nursing from York College and worked for ten years within the system of western medicine. Erin worked as a bedside nurse in the hospital and community and also served in case management and as the Executive and Clinical Director for a local hospice agency. 

For the past three years, Erin has worked as a Holistic Nurse, integrating wisdom traditions from the East and West as well as studying Herbalism, Nutrition and Yoga to enhance the tools available to her as a healer. 

Erin's passion is to create a thriving community for humans, animals and the land itself. She has volunteered for and founded several local organizations including the Community for Holistic Integration, the Horn Farm, the York Time Bank, the Weston Price Foundation, and the Dream Weavers Network, among others. 

Sacred Grove Wellness

Erin Shrader, RN, BSN, RYT

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Empowering individuals to align with their values, embrace their worth, and find their joy through Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, & Coaching/CBT.  Ministerial Services, Speaking Engagements, and Reiki Attunements also available. Schedule a FREE Consult at

Rev. Kimber Bowers


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Diane Distefano, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, offers group classes (RESTART® and FEED YOUR FERTILE BODY™), essential oils classes, support groups, individual nutrition counseling and bio-individual supplement protocols with functional assessments and lingual-neuro testing.  

Diane Distefano, NTP


Nutritional Therapy and Family Wellness



Experienced Traditional Naturopathic doctor skilled in functional nutrition, Jeannie Peck makes recommendations using vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to address digestive concerns, natural hormone balancing, adrenal and thyroid function, food sensitivities, auto-immune challenges, and weight and fat loss management.

Jeannie Peck

Traditional Naturopath

Licensed Massage Therapist

Functional Nutrition Clinician

Weight Loss Clinician

352 E. Main St. Suite 100

Leola, PA 17540

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At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to health care. We care for the whole person and look beyond just your symptoms by exploring how to help you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We take a personalized, individualized approach to your health and wellness. No two patients are ever the same so your healthcare shouldn’t be the same either.

Our current medical system is increasingly focused on specialized care. People generally see many different doctors across many specialties who never communicate with each other and address only one specific concern or condition. At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, it is just the opposite. We seek to understand the big picture and address the underlying conditions that contribute to your current health status. We ask the questions that other doctors haven’t asked and we take the time to get to know you and work together in a model to better understand your care. Only then can we help you develop a plan towards a lifetime of wellness.

Offering Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Behavioral Health, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and so much more.

Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center

310 Lambs Gap Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050



Harmony Through Love

Harmony through Love is a unique place which focuses on healing the whole body starting from the root cause.  Harmony Through Love strives to bring peace and love through herbs, treatments, and counseling using Ayurveda.  We also give preventative advice to help those who would like a jump start on preventing disease.


Harmony Through Love incorporates Ayurveda, helping individuals heal by combating the root cause of the disease.  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine stemming from 5000 years ago.  Ayu means life which includes body, sense organs, mind and spirit. Veda means science or knowledge. Therefore, through the knowledge of Ayurveda, one can achieve optimal health.  One must balance body, mind, sense organs and spirit to completely create a healthy life. This means Ayurveda incorporates herbs, diet, lifestyle and seasonal recommendations to yield whole body health. Since Ayurveda does not treat the symptoms, but rather the root cause, each recommendation is given on an individual basis.

Dr. Amber Goshorn, Ay.D

Harmony Through Love

250 Cragmoor Rd

York Haven, PA


IMG_20171116_103901_280 - Amber Goshorn.

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center is a  gathering place for York PA's holistically conscious community members, as well as the home of numerous holistic professionals.  As alternative healthcare providers, we strive to facilitate integration of the 3 aspects of wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit.  Our professional services honor each client as a unique individual addressing underlying root causes of illness in order to facilitate whole healing & wellness. 

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center offers massage therapy, energy medicine, intuitive consultations, workshops and so much MORE!


It is our passion & purpose at Firefly Hollow Wellness to "walk the talk" of  holistic wellness, nurture a space of loving & supportive community, offer services & workshops of the highest quality, and spread holistic services & education to the central PA area in a professional, grounded, & understandable way.

Firefly Hollow Wellness Center


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As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Audrey truly believes that having good health is not complicated, and she has proven that many times. The body is amazing, but only the body can heal itself. If you give it the tools it needs, along with time, it can do amazing things to bring itself back to homeostasis.


Audrey carries an array of healthy options to assist you on your health journey, from nutritional supplements, to a German technology mat to create better blood flow in the body, to the only FDA Registered, homeopathic, transdermal Human Growth Hormone (HGH) gel. She has specialized in gluten-free living for over 15 years, as well as using blood type nutrition as a guide, always looking at each individual as an individual. And, for the horse owner, Audrey also carries the German equine blanket and offer sessions to keep our equine friends happy and healthy. A happy, calm horse creates a happy equine owner. 

Simply Healthy Bodies

Audrey Gregis, CHHC, ADP



Peaceful 360 LLC is a holistic wellness center offering a variety of modalities that can help you on your journey of ultimate healing. It is a mind, body and soul experience.

Peaceful 360

2021 East Market Street

York Pa 17402


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Heather Lu is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist #MSG012425 in the state of PA, Reiki Master, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner with a firm belief of functional, alternative, natural and holistic health. She has a warm, bubbly, charismatic personality that can make anyone feel at home. Her goal is to help clients achieve a lighter sense of being, by letting go of pain, stress and anxiety through the trifecta of health (Mind/Body/Spirit). Medical Massage utilizes different modalities and techniques to achieve the desired results for clients. Stretching along side soft tissue manipulation tends to be one of the most frequently used in her practice. But that being said, no body is the same, therefore no massage is the same. Everything is tailored to your body's need and comfort level. Feel free to text and schedule your massage (24hr notice preferred). By appointment only. She got your back! See you soon.

Healing Reflection Studio

2481 Lincoln Highway East, Suite #2, Lancaster, PA. 17602


HeatherLu-headshot - Healing Reflection

Brandy Yavicoli

Shamanic Reiki Sessions and Trainings, Sacred Self-Care Custom Sessions: Energy Work combined with Coaching (and more), and Intuitive Oracle Card Readings. All available at various locations or distance format.


Passionate about helping others connect with their Inner Wisdom and Healer, Brandy empowers you to be your true self by lovingly and joyfully supporting you in nurturing your Spirit, walking your unique path in the world, and connecting with the vital life force energy of Earth, Sky and Heart within and without for profound transformation and deep healing.


Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Mayan Ira'Ku Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master, Ethereal Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Licensed Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor, Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, Workshop Presenter, and Author of “Feed Your Spirit (Book 1): Sacred Self-Care.” Looking forward to connecting with you!

Brandy Yavicoli - Feed Your Spirit LLC

285 Pine School Rd, Gardners, PA 17324



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