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Becoming a Non-Profit Organization

The Community for Holistic Integration has a vision to create a vibrant and thriving holistic community in South Central Pennsylvania. We are eager to support, promote and connect holistic healers, wellness advocates, body workers and mindful business owners throughout the region.

In order to create an organization that will meet these goals most quickly and effectively, we have decided to incorporate as a non-profit organization.

We are currently working with the SCORE program, a local mentoring program for emerging small businesses in the Susquehanna Valley ( We have also consulted with an attorney and formed a small founding board of directors (

We are so grateful to all of the hard work that has come before us with the Central PA Holistic Network, which has paved the way and created a stable foundation for our team to bring this group to another level of cohesion and collaboration.

If you are interested in participating in the work of incorporating as a non-profit, please join the Facebook group here: or email

There is so much happening within CHI (Community for Holistic Integration). Stay connected at or on Facebook at

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