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Hope through inspiration

When the CHI board members ask me to write a blog about why I felt inspired to add a veteran's link to the website, I will admit that I was filled with a bit of fear. I have written in the past, and since I am an emotional human, I have had others misinterpret my writings. Misinterpretation is human, so after a bit of thought, I have replaced my fear of writing this with pride.

Pride can sound filled with ego boasting if taken incorrectly, but I cannot feel anything less when I consider how this team has taken CHI to the level of growth that it has since it's beginning just this year. CHI membership on Facebook has reached over 1,500 people from all regions of the world. The 11:11 a.m #chitogether has helped others to find hope through a pandemic that has placed us all in the same circle at home. How can one not be proud of the remarkable movement to spread hope through a holistic community of modalities when the world is in a healthcare crisis itself? Just writing this invokes inspiration in me for a better tomorrow.

In developing the CHI veteran's link, I was inspired by the same feelings of a better world not just for myself but for others and for future generations.

As a young Airman serving in the United States Air Force, I recall a sense of pride in being in uniform. I used to cry when the national anthem was played, and the US flag was raised to full mast. Not only did my 10 years of service change the trajectory of my future, but it would also change that of future generations. The CHI community can change the path of health care.

Veterans make up 7% of the United States population. Many veterans sign up to serve for the same reasons I did, out of pride for country and to change their trajectory. We had that choice. However, not so long ago in our history, we were not given the same opportunity.

The Vietnam War called upon 2.2 million to be drafted by number. This was a call to war without a choice. Many of this population are still very much alive and left with no choice but to recall memories of a world where citizens were given no choice. In hearing their stories during my many VA visits and group sessions, I am humbled and inspired by them. These Veterans represent a time in history that I do not understand nor, do I wish the future to repeat. It is the ability to have a choice that gives us our freedom and our ability to have hope. Adding the Veteran's link to the CHI website provides an alternative in healing options.

Whether one serves by choice or not, we have a choice in how we care for ourselves. There is great power in knowledge. Having the knowledge goes hand-and-hand with the power-of-choice. Being able to provide the knowledge of holistic modalities to our community was the best choice to share a path of healing for oneself, future generations, and a new planet of hope.

Although I no longer wear a uniform, my soul has never changed. I still feel a deep sense of pride for my country and an even more profound sense of pride for my community.

I wish to thank the CHI board members for taking me out of my comfort zone in writing this blog. I also want to thank the CHI-community and those who have chosen to take part in adding their services to the Veteran's link. It is because of you that we make a choice to create a better world for our community and our future generations. Together we are stronger.

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