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Author: Mary Kalbach

We’re living in some interesting times when a virus can shut down entire countries and simultaneously bring them together in global solidarity. Now more than ever before, CHI is committed to continuing our three-fold mission of Connecting our community to holistic health options, Educating our community about holistic health, and working to Integrate holistic health modalities into the healthcare field.

The holistic practitioners within the CHI community may not be able to keep their brick and mortar offices open right now, but many are offering - and in many cases continuing to offer - their services in various online formats.

In addition to our online directory of providers which you can find here, we at CHI want to stand behind our mission and highlight our member practitioners who are making a concerted effort to provide continuity of practice during this time of enforced social isolation. We encourage you to both support and find support in our community’s practitioners!

Kimber Bowers offers Distant Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Counseling online. She is currently offering discounted prices. You can find her scheduling page here.

Allison Brunner is offering online sessions at If it’s someone’s first time scheduling a video session, you get $10 off through April. She is working on a free online group - check her workshops/groups page for updates!

Karen Carnabucci - Experiential Therapist - offers a weekly personal growth group Unfolding Love in her office space in Lancaster. This group has moved online and will continue to meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons.

Karen is also offering a series of free online sessions for creativity, support and connection. Go to her website for a list of trainings, follow her on Facebook. or contact Karen directly at for more information.

Linda Felch is offering free virtual fire circles via Zoom. You can email her at for details. The first virtual fire circle will be held on Saturday, March 28th.

The practitioners at Firefly Hollow are providing remote video classes, readings, counseling, Reiki, and Mind Body Detox Coaching. You can find their schedule of events at

Judy Forder is offering distance Reiki/energy sessions and intuitive counselor sessions via Zoom. You can find her on Facebook here.

Rickie Freedman is offering two Reiki-focused online classes through the Reiki Awakening Academy:

“Are you Ready? Is it Time? Saying YES! To your Reiki Practice” - Find more information here.

“Managing Your Reiki Practice Based on the Reiki Healing Principles” - Find more information here.

Lana Hershey at Anahata Yoga & Mindful Movement has moved all of her classes online. Check out her at

Mary Kalbach - Post-Traumatic Growth Coach - continues to offer personal growth collaboration sessions via video conferencing.

Mary utilizes “Tapping”, embodied meditation, Qigong, breathwork, and a variety of experiential techniques in her work. You can contact her at, through email at and on Facebook @followmarykalbach.

Michele Lefler of Living Moon Meditation has moved all her offerings online. For now she is offering 50% off distance Reiki. You can find her at

Lana Ryder of Soundwise Health is sharing sound therapy videos on her Facebook page

Rose Scheltema - Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner - helps people become centered and grounded. She holds sessions via Skype or Zoom. Reach out to Rose at

John Stewart - Hypnotherapist - finds that hypnosis over Skype video session has several benefits over in person meetings - 1. Convenient 2. Client can be more relaxed and 3. Client is already “in their realm” where issues can be readily addressed! Reach out to John at

Peg Zimmerman - Holistic Psychotherapist - asks what will emerge within you during this season? You don’t have to do this work alone. I invite you to Soul Work to see all those parts of yourself that want to be seen and integrated.

Psychotherapy and/or Emotional Repatterning goes beyond seeking love/acceptance/compassion - it removes barriers to Love that we have created to survive in our younger years. You can contact Peg at, visit her website at or call 717.813.2556.

Please visit our CHI Practitioners and support yourself and holistic health during this unusual time. Share this post with your friends and imagine the impact Holistic Health can have as we spread this beautiful healing energy in our circles of influence! Stay well, Friends!

Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay

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