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Spiritual Fulfillment

Stepping into our power to bring change in the world requires us to find our roots, our stability, our inner warrior that is grounded in love and hope. This task is the template for all of the coming of age stories, the hero's mythology throughout time. We are each the hero in our own story, and when the feminine aspect of our culture is healthy, we are also deeply connected to our intuitive wisdom and to all life. We are not a hero in spite of the world, we are made a hero in our connection to the world.

In my own journey to find my power as a changemaker, I have worked for almost seven years with a spiritual director who is also a shaman and psychotherapist. My spiritual director, Ellen Dionna, has held me in a relentless love. She has seen me, always, as the best version of myself and allowed me to grow into this self more and more with each coming year.

Ellen has entered into my dreamscape with me, helping me to make sense of the night images that my soul and psyche generate to help me find my way to wholeness. She has helped me to design rituals to honor my healing, to say yes to initiation and to cross thresholds. Ellen has officiated the marriage of my brother to his wife, and in so doing has entered the energy of my family. In my tribe, Ellen has taken the role of medicine woman, healer, sage, and friend.

I write this here, to provide my own personal example of the coming into fullness of what the Pachamama Alliance calls spiritual fulfillment. In our journey as changemakers we are also meaning makers. We make meaning and purpose out of the time we are given. We do this in community with others and through our own deep inner work. This is the work that makes our life a legacy to leave for our children and for our community. This work toward wholeness is a way of birthing a new world into being; a world where wisdom and connection are part of every human experience and where elders continue to lead the way for the young.

I know that my guide and friend, Ellen Dionna, continues to work with clients in the community. If you are seeking someone to hold the lamp for you as you weave your way into wholeness, I wholeheartedly endorse her work. You can find her here:

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