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Why is this so important?

By now, many people in our community have heard about our Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. They have seen our posts on social media, read our news brief in Natural Awakenings Magazine, heard about us from one of our sponsors or partner organizations or attended a symposium.

The next step for our community, if a local Pachamama Group is really to take root, is for us to get into action dreaming a new world into being.

Our indigenous partners in the Amazon, the Achuar People, are an ancient dream culture. What this means, is that they believe that what we dream has real significance in our lives. Our dreams tell us about ourselves, our people, our world and our future. What we think about, talk about, read and listen to influence our dreams. It is a cycle. We create more of what we pay attention to.

At our event on Earth Day in Spring Grove, we are taking the next step in rooting this concept of a dream culture here in York County. We will watch short films, explore workshop style exercises to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other, and build new skills in resilience and relationship.

The Indigenous worldview is one of connection. We are all strands in the web of life. What you do to a part of the web, affects the entire structure. We are committed to restoring the human thread as a conscious part of the web of life. Shifting our consciousness to a heart-centered awareness of the sacredness of all life, and dreaming that reality into our daily lives, is the path that we are walking at the Pachamama Alliance.

Please join us on Earth Day at the Sacred Heart Parish Center in Spring Grove. Sign up here:

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