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Hey Fellow CHIWeavers! My name is a Mary Kalbach and I a certified Clinical EFT ("Tapping") Practitioner with a specialty in all kinds of emotional trauma!

In addition, I am a certified Mindfulness Mentor, teach Mindfulness-based performance

classes, and all around artsy hippie type! I work with clients mainly online via video and also at Rumi's Wellness Center in Harrisburg. I love to do classes and workshops throughout the community and to brainstorm and collaborate with others! As a mom to 14 - with 6 of those adopted - I have a very special place in my heart for foster/adopt families and always offer them a discount in services (Let your friends know if they qualify!!). AND as an offical CHI Partner, I am happy to be able to offer all CHI members a discount as well!

You can find me on Facebook, look for me on LinkedIn at or schedule EFT Office Hours on my website at

Mary Kalbach
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