Clairvoyant Medium, Rev. Francine Milano offers both psychic guidance and
healing through mediumship and also teaches others to open their own
gifts. Francine also offers public and private galleries for your group of
friends and family. In addition, Francine is a healing channel,
hypnotherapist, speaker, author and workshop facilitator. Most sessions
are offered by phone, Skype, email and in person in Leola PA.

Francine Milano

(717)253-6634 (not text-enabled)


Angie is a ReikiSound healer with concentrations in Celestial Reiki and Arcturian Light Healing. She concentrates on the Starseed community and the galactic realm. Angie hosts monthly Starseed Circles online and in-person when space permits (usually at Amethyst). She also offers Starseed Origin Charts (not like natal birth charts - this tells you what planetary systems you lived in prior to coming to Earth). She is a medium/channeler and also has her certificate for Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis. She is a distributor for La Vie de La Rose Flower Essences.

Angie Whitsel


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Hypnosis will help you to break the patterns of the past to create a happier life. 

A professional hypnosis practitioner can help you to take control of your habits, behaviors and feelings.

Whether your issues are recent or have been with you for many years, you can get help to create the life that YOU deserve.

  All the changes come from YOU, and as Hypnotherapists we guide you in the right direction.

Your Health Hypnotherapist

John Stewart CHt


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Happie Soul Massage is a place to heal your body, mind, and soul. Offering a variety of healing modalities such as Massage, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Spiritual Coaching.

Cristina Boyle, LMT, LRMT

Happie Soul Massage

5008 Lenker Street, Suite 101

Mechanicsburg, PA 



At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to health care. We care for the whole person and look beyond just your symptoms by exploring how to help you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We take a personalized, individualized approach to your health and wellness. No two patients are ever the same so your healthcare shouldn’t be the same either.

Our current medical system is increasingly focused on specialized care. People generally see many different doctors across many specialties who never communicate with each other and address only one specific concern or condition. At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, it is just the opposite. We seek to understand the big picture and address the underlying conditions that contribute to your current health status. We ask the questions that other doctors haven’t asked and we take the time to get to know you and work together in a model to better understand your care. Only then can we help you develop a plan towards a lifetime of wellness.

Offering Functional Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Behavioral Health, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and so much more.

Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center

310 Lambs Gap Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050



Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center is a  gathering place for York PA's holistically conscious community members, as well as the home of numerous holistic professionals.  As alternative healthcare providers, we strive to facilitate integration of the 3 aspects of wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit.  Our professional services honor each client as a unique individual addressing underlying root causes of illness in order to facilitate whole healing & wellness. 

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center offers massage therapy, energy medicine, intuitive consultations, workshops and so much MORE!


It is our passion & purpose at Firefly Hollow Wellness to "walk the talk" of  holistic wellness, nurture a space of loving & supportive community, offer services & workshops of the highest quality, and spread holistic services & education to the central PA area in a professional, grounded, & understandable way.

Firefly Hollow Wellness Center


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Chalice Spring is a metaphor for discovering the Holy Grail of Self and filling life with the sacred. Rev. Ellen Dionna works with her clients through Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance, Shamanism and the use of Spiritual Collage to reconnect with their inner selves and achieve a deep spiritual re-awakening that affects every aspect of their lives.

Ellen also offers psychic readings through automatic writing from her Guides.  Two options: written individual readings from Ellen solo, $100, or written readings from Ellen and another psychic, KC Christensen, with whom she joins in Sacred Scrolls, $200.

Ellen also officiates weddings and other sacred ceremonies, and is a published author. Find her book at

Ellen Dionna, LCSW



Counseling Services and Health RHYTHMS Group Wellness Programs


Heartbeats to Wellness Therapeutic Services offers life coaching and mental health counseling for those going through major life transitions; such as loss of a loved one, a job, relationship, or health.    Other issues may be addressing a feeling of emptiness and searching for a meaningful life.   

         A particular focus is on adolescents,  and young adults going through the journey of transition from childhood to finding their identity, and wholeness as adults.    Trauma treatment is offered using a mindful and body oriented approach to integrate memories and to relieve emotional distress.   

      Evidence based, Health Rhythms Group Empowerment programs are also offered using drums and percussion instruments to help people reduce stress and increase awareness of issues they wish to address.  

Also, advocating for awareness of the proven benefits of playing group percussion, Rhythm Research and Resources website has links to over 30 research works organized by disorder tested.  Surprising benefits include improving the immune system and regrowing brain matter.  

Links to research works on the benefits of mindfulness are included as well.  Photo credit: Rhythm Planet Workshop.

HeartBeats to Wellness

Peter Scheer, MS


Allow Carrie Mead to assist you in uncovering your unrealized dreams, needs, passions and talents.  She will help you design more fulfilling relationships, a meaningful spiritual practice, a superior career, financial abundance or whatever your heart desires.  Carrie will guide on a journey of self-discovery through a series of experiences that are specifically designed to create space for intentional inquiry, contemplation and clarity. Through these practices you will begin to take purposeful action towards your life’s purpose.  Carrie’s experience as a mental health therapist, together with her training as a professional life coach and reiki practitioner build a strong foundation for the work you will do together. While life coaching is action oriented by nature, reiki is restorative and rejuvenating. The combination of these complimentary services provides the perfect yin-yang balance for harmony in your life. 


Carrie holds a M.S. in Counseling from McDaniel College and is educated by the Institute of Life Coach Training.  Additionally, Carrie is trained in energy psychology, EFT tapping, Reiki, telemental heath and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Carrie offers coaching by phone and distance reiki sessions. Without the travel time needed for office appointments, sessions more easily fit into your busy schedule.  Connect with Carrie on social media, through email or by phone when you feel ready to take the next steps on your path towards empowerment, peace and abundance. 


Carrie Mead, M.S.

(410)  259- 9148


Rooted Growth

You have been feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tense. You haven’t been feeling “yourself” for a while now and it is showing in your work, relationships, or parenting. You are struggling with “fitting in” in life. Whether you are burned out or are dealing with stressful issues in life, you feel alone and stuck. Fears and worries, doubt and despair, they can be an unfortunate part of our lives, but we are not alone. I provide a safe space to move back into hope–it can be a slippery thing!–and how to reclaim your one precious life. With my help, you can start to see more clearly, gain control over your life, and feel better with yourself and your relationships. You can understand what has brought you to the recent crossroads in your life, and with improved self esteem, you can emerge more self aware and reclaim your life to be one of growth, positivity and strength. I have a flexible schedule and meet clients on your lunch hour, during kiddos’ nap times, or even with a baby in your arms. I offer free consultations through a safe and efficient online portal set up specifically for you. I pride myself in giving my clients individual attention and focus that they need and deserve. I am a licensed psychotherapist, counselor, spiritual coach and mentor, and helper of the "helpers"--those who are caretakers personally or professionally and need their cup filled too! I serve people who feel a need to give back of themselves, but are often challenged to keep their mind-body-spirit in alignment with their goals and true self. I am trained in the Jungian mystical tradition of spiritual direction, offer dreamwork and Enneagram study, as well as evidenced-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy, and Somatic psychotherapy.

Allie Kochert


IMG_1168 - Allie Kochert.jpg

As a transformational healer, Alice helps people and animals become the best versions of themselves while providing gentle support during challenging times. She specializes in essences, crystals, color, reiki, past-life regressions and more.

Alice Bakanowsky



Empowering individuals to align with their values, embrace their worth, and find their joy through Reiki, Clinical Hypnotherapy, & Coaching/CBT.  Ministerial Services, Speaking Engagements, and Reiki Attunements also available. Schedule a FREE Consult at

Rev. Kimber Bowers


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Barbara Smeltzer at Life Changes, LLC offers: 


Heart Thread- Releasing old patterns & beliefs & aligning the conscious mind with the soul.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis- connecting to the Higher Self, healing received, questions answered, visiting past, parallel, or future lifetimes.


Alchemy/Ancient Languages & Toning- Eliminating unwanted patterns & influences from the Akashic Records


Faster EFT (Tapping)


Mentoring groups or one on one- Accelerated Ascension synthesized with Dr Nataleah Rose Schotte’s Flower Essences


Shamanic Massage-20 yrs experience


Barbara Smeltzer

(717) 578-2719


Mary uses EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - or "Tapping" to help her clients round out the trauma recovery process. ​

Gently tapping on the body's energy meridians while using scripting unique to the client, gives your body the gentle touch and validation it needs to release traumatic memories and feel calm and relaxed again! Mary works 1:1 via video from anywhere in the English-speaking world.

Mary Kalbach

Trauma Recovery Coach

Specializing in Adoption Trauma


Peg Zimmerman Holistic Counseling

Peg is an integrative psychotherapist with an understanding of how mind-body-soul connections affect wellness/illness. Her work is based in the belief that we have a core, God-given knowledge of who we truly are but that we often need support and guidance to restore that divine knowing and inspiration. Life experiences, relationships, and trauma (small and large) cause us to lose that knowing. Peg can walk alongside you as you come home to that knowing again, incorporating modalities that blend both Eastern and Western research, and that draw upon 5,000 years of acupuncture theory/experience and western scientific observation (empiricism). This energy work evaluates the body’s imbalances and assesses its needs, directed by the intention of the client. Energy flow can be interrupted as the result of injury, emotional trauma, nutritional or other unresolved stress, thus affecting the whole body. Clients not only clear blockages, but they also learn how to listen to and honor their bodies, hearts and souls with compassion and non-judgment. The changes that occur when the energetic pattern is released can manifest on the physical, mental, emotional, biochemical and spiritual levels.

Peg Zimmerman Holistic Counseling

41 Longenecker Rd,

Lititz PA 17543


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