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A small group of community members has formed to bring the work of CHI into the community as a non-profit entity. If you are interested in helping to create the non-profit organization, please click here

Please feel free to contact any member of the CHI team with your questions or to share your ideas. We want to hear from you!

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    Stacey Duckworth is a York County native who has discovered her passion for healing.  Over the past several years Stacey has worked to share her love of holistic approaches with her community.  Currently, she owns Holistic Transformations Wellness, a holistic health coaching practice, and recently has undertaken the development of CHI of Central PA.  She works diligently to bring holistic practitioners together, and explores new avenues to bring these arts to the general public.  In addition to her responsibilities with CHI, she continuously attends conferences, classes, and seminars in order to best serve her clientele and community.  She is very passionate about educating the public, integrating holistic practices and connecting businesses and practitioners with each other and society members where they can be best utilized. 

    CHI President

    Stacey Duckworth

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    Jennifer Weitkamp has worked in the human services field for the last 15 years.  Currently she serves as the Director of Older Adult Protective Services for York Co. Area Agency on Aging.  This position has allowed her to work with older adults who are at risk of abuse, neglect and exploitation.  In this position of leadership it is Jennifer’s objective to ensure that all older adults receive compassionate care and assistance during difficult times.  Jennifer also ensures that this ideal of compassion is passed along to the caseworkers she oversees as well.  Serving at risk populations in York County is Jennifer’s passion, and she hopes to be able to continue to expand this to other groups in need. 

    Community Resources Coordinator

    Jennifer Weitkamp

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    Erin Shrader is thrilled to offer her administrative skills to the mission of the Community for Holistic Integration. Erin is trained as a Registered Nurse, Spiritual Director and Yoga Teacher, and herbalist and has experience as an administrator in healthcare. She also serves on other non-profit boards in York County and was one of the founding members of the York Time Bank. Erin is committed to creating a world that works for everyone. She believes that bringing people together to nurture and honor wisdom, knowledge and skills for healthy living are the ways we can work for sustainable peace in our world. 

    Board Secretary

    Erin Shrader, RN, BSN, RYT

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    Beth Smith, is a York County native and comes from a family of community thinkers and business developers.  It was seemingly natural for Beth's first call to service be in the United States Air Force. It was there that she served her country for 10 years as an air traffic controller in a radar facility.  This career exposed her to many stressful days at work and the true understanding of the word coordination.

    Deciding to learn the true meaning of doing a 180, Beth left Air Traffic Control to explore the "less stressful" world of Massage Therapy. She earned her license and after moving back to York, she joined a large, local nonprofit hospital and developed their alternative therapy department in York and Adams Counties. Beth was a awarded a grant and developed a class for people suffering from chronic pain in which they were taught alternative therapies. This class developed a direct link between neurology, pain management, physiatry, physical therapy and her own department of alternative therapies.

    Beth also worked with hospital management and local businesses to develop health fairs for employees to learn alternative therapies for stress reduction and pain management.


    Beth looks forward to helping York and the surrounding areas with the same compassion that leads her heart, through education and growth for a community in need.

    Wellness Coordinator

    Beth Smith

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    Jim Lentz is a York County native, that spent the past 15 years working in the financial and accounting field. He has spent time with Fortune 500 and international companies, having held a wide range of positions in payroll to risk management for these organizations. Currently, he is the Accounts Payable Manager for Voith Holding LLC. Having limited experience in community service area, Jim is however passionate about helping others in a way that works best for them and promoting local organizations that positively impact this community. Jim is looking forward to being part of Community For Holistic Integration, and leveraging his financial background to help the organization achieve the goals set forth in its mission statement.

    Board Treasurer

    James Lentz

  • EJ_heart_bamboo.jpg

    Eleanor Justice is a systems thinker and futurist who brings more than two decades of cross-industry and cross-sector experience to her role as Regenerative Development Strategist on CHI's leadership team.

    She has served as art director on complex projects for Reebok, Mastercard, American Airlines, British Airways, Dell, and T. Rowe Price. She’s served as a strategic advisor for small startups, community groups, individual artisans, and political activists.

    In her role as Director of the York Time Bank she established the Penn Street Art Bridge, a public art space in downtown York that successfully transformed on ongoing vandalism issue into a vibrant and self-organizing community asset.

    Prior to joining CHI HA (CHI’s Healing Arts guild,) Eleanor’s mixed media work has been shown in galleries in York PA, Frederick MD, and Alexandria VA. Her photography has been published in Maryland Life Magazine, and she has organized numerous workshops and photoshoots throughout the region.

    She is the organizer of Gratitude Gatherings, Coloring Coterie, and the York branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School as well as a plethora of invitation-only creative events.

    Eleanor has been a Reiki master/teacher since 2005, and for several years practiced Shamanic Reiki at Mystical Voyage in Baltimore as well as for private clients from Virginia to Pennsylvania. 

    She came to York in 2011 to run a blueberry farm, successfully transitioning a chemical-dependent operation to one that used zero pesticides or herbicides.

    Eleanor is a long-time permaculture enthusiast, and led the “Hooga What Now?” hugelkultur workshop for Horn Farm Center in 2014. She’s hosted several heirloom seed swaps throughout York.

    For more than a decade Eleanor has made a study of community-scale resilience factors. Areas of research span from social infrastructure, gift economies, third places, and creative placemaking to developing regenerative models for projects spanning agriculture, conscious business, wellness, recovery programs, and intentional communities.

    She is the founder of The Southworth Project, whose mission is to nurture the regenerative renaissance.

    Gallup Strengths: Futuristic, Activator, Ideation, Connectedness, and Strategic

    Favorite song: Woven, by Featherburn
    Favorite artist: Jackie Morris
    Favorite holiday: Jolabokaflod
    Zodiac sign: Taurus
    Woo scale 1-10: eleven

    Regenerative Alchemist

    Eleanor Justice

  • Michele-Tree - Michele Lefler.jpg

    Michele Lefler moved to York, PA from North Carolina in 2017. She is a professional librarian and owner of Living Moon Meditation where she works to help clients develop a lifestyle of calm in our current always on the go culture. She is a certified holistic healer, Gendai Reiki Master, and certified life coach. She uses her unique experience with grief to help others navigate difficult life changes and cultivate a new normal in their lives. Michele believes that every person has something positive to contribute and she seeks to help them find their thing through love, empathy, and authenticity. She works with CHI of Central PA as newsletter developer.

    Newsletter Developer

    Michele Lefler

  • Mary.jpg

    Mary Kalbach lives in the woods of Southern York County with a ridiculous number of children and pets.  She puts her background in the performing arts to good use , coordinating the CHI Holistic Arts Guild.  CHI HA! is working to bring holistic healing to Central PA through community art projects.

    As a therapeutic mom to a bunch of adopted children from traumatic backgrounds, Mary has focused her personal holistic healing practice on those who seek to recover from emotional trauma.  She is certified in Clinical EFT (Tapping) and Mindfulness Mentoring with a specialty in trauma disorders and serves the holistic healing community through Emotional Trauma Training, Teaching, and Personal Coaching.  

    Mary also finds the CHI Holistic Health Clinic model to be a natural fit for her passion to teach and share holistic health and you may find her in some pretty interesting places "tapping" with clients alongside fellow practitioners!

    Chair of CHI HA! Guild

    Holistic Clinic Coordinator

    Mary Kalbach


We are a small group of passionate folks who want to see a world that works for everyone. Join us. 



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