Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center is a  gathering place for York PA's holistically conscious community members, as well as the home of numerous holistic professionals.  As alternative healthcare providers, we strive to facilitate integration of the 3 aspects of wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit.  Our professional services honor each client as a unique individual addressing underlying root causes of illness in order to facilitate whole healing & wellness. 

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center offers massage therapy, energy medicine, intuitive consultations, workshops and so much MORE!


It is our passion & purpose at Firefly Hollow Wellness to "walk the talk" of  holistic wellness, nurture a space of loving & supportive community, offer services & workshops of the highest quality, and spread holistic services & education to the central PA area in a professional, grounded, & understandable way.

Firefly Hollow Wellness Center


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Chalice Spring is a metaphor for discovering the Holy Grail of Self and filling life with the sacred. Rev. Ellen Dionna works with her clients through Psychotherapy, Spiritual Guidance, Shamanism and the use of Spiritual Collage to reconnect with their inner selves and achieve a deep spiritual re-awakening that affects every aspect of their lives.

Ellen also offers psychic readings through automatic writing from her Guides.  Two options: written individual readings from Ellen solo, $100, or written readings from Ellen and another psychic, KC Christensen, with whom she joins in Sacred Scrolls, $200.

Ellen also officiates weddings and other sacred ceremonies, and is a published author. Find her book at

Ellen Dionna, LCSW



Connecting the artist in each of us to creative healing modalities through the medium of bodymind and spirit.

Tifani Truelove L.M.T.

Artist ReikiMaster TempleKeeper

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Susan Korsnick, founder of Susan Korsnick: Art & Soul, is an artist, entrepreneur, educator, certified Creatively Fit Coach, certified Journey of Young Women coach, & Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner.


"I hold sacred space & time for women & girls to embrace their own power, confidently tap into their inner wisdom, & love themselves more fully so they can radiate that love into the world."


Through group events and one-on-one coaching, Susan connects you to the loving, intuitive voice inside to positively impact choices that lead in the direction of your dreams. Using creative expression, ceremony, energywork, visualizations, meditation, and more, Susan is a Wayshower, encouraging you to Come Home to Your Self.

Susan Korsnick 

Art & Soul


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Moon + Stone Healing


Angie Yingst, ACM, RMT, is an Artist, Writer, Shamanic Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master/Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, and a Tarot Reader. I utilize crystals, reiki, tarot, gentle hands-on healing techniques, earth medicine crafting, and my intuitive work to bring your body, spirit, and mind back into alignment. I do specialized shamanic work in private session. I also work with communities, families and individuals for rites, cleansings, ceremony and blessings. I teach classes, hold space, create and hold circles. I work with women to help them reclaim their womb space. My teaching and healing work is conducted out of Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Through Alta View Wellness Center, I see clients privately for earth medicine sessions that combine crystals, animal medicine, shamanic journeying, drum, rattle, essential oils, herbs, and reiki sessions. I also offer one-hour Spiritual Counseling sessions where I combine Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Shamanic visioning to offer guidance, deep listening and transformational work. I hold workshops and classes throughout the year, including my mentoring circle is a nine-month class that guides men and women into their own psychic and shamanic gifts. In my hands-on work, I walk with my clients into their own healing, helping them unearth the energy, and restorative power which lie dormant within them. All of my work is balanced with the moon cycles, and in alignment with seasonal energies and movement. I work with these primal energies to help maximize healing potential in you. I see myself as a facilitator for my clients' healing--bringing chakras into alignment, balancing intentions and goals, and working to release all that does not serve.


I received my Bachelor of Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia. I majored in Comparative Religion with my focuses on Ancient Greek religion, early Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. I began teaching Tarot in 2013, and am a member of the American Tarot Association, adhering to the ATA’s code of ethics. I received my certification as an Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Healer through Hibiscus Moon Academy. I also serve as Curriculum Specialist, since 2017 and a Crystal Coach, since 2014, for Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, mentoring and helping students train to be crystal healers. I was attuned to Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I am also a member of the International Association of Reiki Professional (IARP) and the World Metaphysical Association (WMA). In 2015, I was attuned to Transformational Reiki by Bonnie Hassan, which attunes the Reiki practitioner to a drum to facilitate healing. In 2015, I received my first certification as an Earth Medicine Keeper through Pixie Lighthorse's Earth Medicine School. I continued my mentorship with Pixie through her four level of training in Earth Medicine, completing my studies in 2019. I have been working with Pixie's teaching in SouLodge since 2012 as well as taken her art workshop called Visual Quest. In my healing work, I also use 13th Octave LaHoChi healing techniques as well as Shamanic breathwork and vibrational medicine. Through the gift of Spirit, I have been initiated into the Rite of the Womb, the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki. I am also a published writer and artist and am currently working on an oracle card deck called Cycles. I hold classes, workshops and circles at Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Angie Yingst, ACM, RMT

Moon + Stone Healing

Alta View Wellness Center

4814 Jonestown Road

Harrisburg, PA 17109



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As a transformational healer, Alice helps people and animals become the best versions of themselves while providing gentle support during challenging times. She specializes in essences, crystals, color, reiki, past-life regressions and more.

Alice Bakanowsky



Barbara Smeltzer at Life Changes, LLC offers: 


Heart Thread- Releasing old patterns & beliefs & aligning the conscious mind with the soul.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis- connecting to the Higher Self, healing received, questions answered, visiting past, parallel, or future lifetimes.


Alchemy/Ancient Languages & Toning- Eliminating unwanted patterns & influences from the Akashic Records


Faster EFT (Tapping)


Mentoring groups or one on one- Accelerated Ascension synthesized with Dr Nataleah Rose Schotte’s Flower Essences


Shamanic Massage-20 yrs experience


Barbara Smeltzer

(717) 578-2719


Etheric Connections Crystal Shop and Healing Center is the house that Love built. Leslie and Lloyd are bringing many common and hard to find crystals to the community to help each of us move into the light that we were born to be.


We offer many healing services from Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, intuitive Healing, Psychic and Intuitive readings to help you move through the things blocking you from moving into unity with your soul.


We offer classes and workshops throughout the month, these are coming through in order to help educate the community new comers as well as educate the enlightened ones.


We look forward to seeing your beautiful light and feeling the love that you are when you walk through our door.

Leslie and Lloyd Runkle

Etheric Connections Crystal Shop and

Healing Center

33 Buford Avenue

Gettysburg, PA 17325


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Brandy Yavicoli

Shamanic Reiki Sessions and Trainings, Sacred Self-Care Custom Sessions: Energy Work combined with Coaching (and more), and Intuitive Oracle Card Readings. All available at various locations or distance format.


Passionate about helping others connect with their Inner Wisdom and Healer, Brandy empowers you to be your true self by lovingly and joyfully supporting you in nurturing your Spirit, walking your unique path in the world, and connecting with the vital life force energy of Earth, Sky and Heart within and without for profound transformation and deep healing.


Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Mayan Ira'Ku Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master, Ethereal Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Licensed Ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor, Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, Workshop Presenter, and Author of “Feed Your Spirit (Book 1): Sacred Self-Care.” Looking forward to connecting with you!

Brandy Yavicoli - Feed Your Spirit LLC

285 Pine School Rd, Gardners, PA 17324




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Angie is a ReikiSound healer with concentrations in Celestial Reiki and Arcturian Light Healing. She concentrates on the Starseed community and the galactic realm. Angie hosts monthly Starseed Circles online and in-person when space permits (usually at Amethyst). She also offers Starseed Origin Charts (not like natal birth charts - this tells you what planetary systems you lived in prior to coming to Earth). She is a medium/channeler and also has her certificate for Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis. She is a distributor for La Vie de La Rose Flower Essences.

Angie Whitsel


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Michele is a Reiki Master and certified holistic healer. She offers services in Reiki, guided meditations for individuals as well as groups, and spiritual and self education.

Living Moon Meditation

3397 N. George St.

Emigsville, PA 17318


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Natalie Toma, owner of Enchanted Realms, LLC, is a certified Massage Therapist, attuned Reiki Practitioner in Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and certified in yoga for anxiety and energy healing yoga. Natalie is also a certified Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Angel Card Reader, and Dragonologist. She has completed a certificate in Wiccan studies, facilitated full and new moon ceremonies and completed an arch angel training course. She has an associate degree in hospitality management and a bachelor of science in occupational studies.  

At Enchanted Realms she focuses on providing top quality organic spa products for everyday use to help initiate balance and wellbeing. She also offers a variety of wellness services ranging from Reiki to Reflexology. She can customize workshops for groups and companies who would like to learn more about different healing techniques that provide tools to start living their best life!

Enchanted Realms

Enola, PA


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Traditional Healing Practices offered by Linda Felch

Huichol Mara'akame


The Wirarrika or Huichol people of Mexico are known as healers and wise counselors. Through many years of sacrifice and pilgrimage to sacred sites, followed by a traditional initiation, a mara'akame is able to bring deep healing to those seeking physical, spiritual and emotional help.


Plant Spirit Medicine Healer


Like us, plants have spirit, and their spirit can nurture and heal us. Plant Spirit Medicine brings us into balance and harmony.

Healing with Nature