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Our local Reboot community is led by

Aimee Morris (USMC), Aaron Lax (Army), and Bob Smoker (Army)

REBOOT Combat Recovery 

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything?

Cognitive processing therapy, EMDR, exposure therapy, even deep breathing and yoga. Maybe you’re on a cocktail of medications that seem to toss you from high to low in a matter of seconds. Maybe you feel lost in a system of healthcare that isn’t working for you. Maybe you’re fed up, frustrated and discouraged, feeling hopeless and helpless. And maybe you’ve even thought to yourself… “I can’t take it anymore.”

But what if you’ve only been treating part of the problem?

In just a few weeks, life can be better.

REBOOT is unlike anything else you’ve tried before. We believe that healing from combat trauma requires treating not just the mind and body but also the soul – and we are a community of people committed to helping each other heal from the spiritual wounds of war. You won’t find shortcuts or easy answers, but instead you will find solutions that last. Since 2011, REBOOT has helped thousands of veterans and their families heal. Your healing can start today.

Glenn Hope Care Farm

Serving those who have served. We use normal farming activities to help veterans heal their physical wounds and their unseen wounds as well.


Situated on 43 acres of farmland in the heart of York County, PA, Glenn Hope Care Farm produces high quality, nutrient dense food. Our organic and sustainable farming methods maximize natural, renewable and on-farm inputs, yielding food of consistent high quality for the surrounding community.

This third-generation family owned and operated farm knows the value of community and supports the notion of “locally grown to support the local market”.

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President: Tracy Young (USMC)



On Common Ground is a 501c3 non-profit organization that facilitates recovery from any addiction. Our safe and confidential environment promotes self-awareness, acceptance, healthy behaviors, and hope while healing from the inside out. We offer experiential research-based programs that educate and support individuals and families on their journey to freedom from addiction.


On Common Ground provides services in a variety of locations and environments, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, recovery homes, schools, and at youth and family community activities. We also provide team building activities for organizations and businesses who want to create an environment and atmosphere cooperation.

Cover Six Canines 

Cover Six Canines is a Central Pennsylvania based 501C3 organization.

It is the mission of Cover Six Canines to assist Veterans and 1st Responders in the securing and training of service dogs at no cost to the Veteran or 1st Responder.

We do not give our Handlers fully trained dogs. They are required to attend training and become a fully functional team. The teams are trained for exceptional obedience as well as whatever special needs the Handler may require.

A note from a Doctor stating the Handler would benefit from a service dog is required. A copy of a DD-214, or verification of applicant being a 1st Responder is also required.

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Friends & Family Wellness Center
285 Riverview Drive
Mount Wolf, PA 17347
Danielle PA Lic # MSG011524